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Somer Redman is passionate about pouring out her love for God through song.  As a worship leader, she is excited about helping others engage in a conversation with the Triune God of the universe - to provide an opportunity for people to respond to the holy and good character of God.

Somer has faithfully served for over a decade as a worship leader, Bible teacher, discipleship leader, and worship teacher at Lakeland Baptist Church in Lewisville, Texas.


She also has worked with churches around Texas as well as with the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention leading women to the throne of God for various women’s conferences, prayer services, and retreats.  She has also partnered with The Unknown Tour group as a worship leader for events around the U.S.

She has recently started stepping out in faith and obedience to start writing and recording her own songs of worship.  Be sure to check out her first single.


She currently resides in Lewisville, Texas with her two dogs and two cats.

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